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Teaching Tools

The Loma Linda Student Test Analysis Tools
I am very thankful to Dr. Vaneta Condon who has graciously agreed to allow me to share her tool with nurse educators all over by posting the tool she developed.
Please click here to download that tool: Loma Linda Student Test Analysis Tool
Plenary Presentation from the 2013 Mosby Faculty Development Conference
I have had many requests to post the PPT from my plenary presentation from this conference. Please click on the highlighted words below to download the PPT PDF. Thank you so much for your interest in my work!
Caputi Plenary Presentation
Five Questions to Predict and Manage Potential Complications
As you know, a primary concern in nursing practice is to decrease the mortality and morbidity rate and to decrease the failure to rescue rate. I have found asking every student who cares for a patient five important questions, can help them develop their professional identity to automatically consider what can go wrong and what to do about it. Click on this link to view those five questions: (Note: This is a 2013 update from the previous document posted here that contained four questions. I have added a 5th question.)
Addressing Safety - 2013
Critical Thinking Skills and Strategies:
Many of you have asked for my list of thinking skills and strategies in an effort to deconstruct "critical thinking". This material is copyrighted, as all the material on this site is, but you may feel free to use it with your students at your school. Click on this link:
Critical Thinking Skills and Strategies
Thank you all for your support of our presentation at the 2011 NLN Summit on "The Best of Both Worlds: Practice and Education Developing Curriculum". If you would like a copy of the PowerPoint from that presentation click on this link:
The Best of Both Worlds, NLN Summit, 2011, Handout
Want to revolutionize your approach to clinical instruction? Here's a model that can help:
The Caputi Model for Clinical Education
Additional Handouts from my 2010 NLN Summit Presentation
Student Self-Check List for NCLEX Success
Sample Testing Policy
Here are four more tools to use in your teaching: 
Classroom Test Blueprint
Delegating and Prioritizing Tool
Diversity Tool
NCLEX® Success Model
Want to use a learning style inventory with your students? Here's a simple one at this URL:  (posted January 30, 2011)
Nursing Diagnosis Worksheet
Reference List for: New Approaches to Clinical Instruction
Feedback on the Use of the Caputi Clinical Activity Portfolio
Medication Tracking Sheet (posted November 7, 2010) 
Check back often; I will periodically add more.