Teaching Tools

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  • The  NLN 2016 Summit PPT Presentation
  • New, June 2015: Textbook Evaluation Tool
  • New, May, 2015: Prioritizing Patient Needs 
  • The Loma Linda Student Test Analysis Tools
  • Plenary Presentation from the 2013 Elsevier Faculty Development Conference
  • Five Questions to Predict and Manage Potential Complications
  • Critical Thinking Skills and Strategies
  • Thank you all for your support of our presentation at the 2011 NLN Summit on "The Best of Both Worlds: Practice and Education Developing Curriculum".
  • Want to revolutionize your approach to clinical instruction? Here's a model that can help.
  • Additional Handouts from my 2010 NLN Summit Presentation
  • Here are four more tools to use in your teaching: 
  • Want to use a learning style inventory with your students? 


 Check back often, I periodically add more!